Harissa is a traditional Tunisian product of an old traditional recipe. Le petit Paris’s Harissa is produced according to an original traditional recipe using the latest production technologies.

Le petit Paris’s Harissa tastes as good as the old homemade Harissa only natural ingredients vegetables and spices, are used it its production.

Le petit Paris’s Harissa is perfect complement to many Tunisien dishes.

Le petit Paris’s Harissa without preservatives and coloring agents, liked and preferred at every Tunisian table.

Product info

Format Product description Net weight Code 
1/6 Iron can 135g 69194003220016
1/2 Iron can 380g 69194003220054
4/4 Iron can 760g 69194003220030
5/2 Iron can 2000g 69194003220047

Nutritional values per 100g

Energy 70,5kal
Protein 3g
Carbohydrate 5g
Fat 0g

Packaging and Palletization

Volume Size
(L*I*H en mm)
Units/Case Weight case Cases/Layer Layers/Pallet Cases/Pallet
1/6 330*220*155 48 6,5kg 10 10 100
1/2 455*305*110 24 12kg 6 10 60
4/4 407*310*112 12 12kg 7 10 70
5/2 470*320*125 6 12kg 6 10 60